Thacher Park Center Capital Campaign

A New Partnership To Build The Thacher Park Center

Today, at 100 years old, Thacher Park is undergoing an exciting transformation. With improvements and new, active recreational changes underway, the park is poised to expand as a dynamic, year-round attraction. The proposed Thacher Park Center will serve as a gateway to both new and established offerings, enhance the overall visitor experience and provide a sorely needed four-season venue to better showcase the spectacular natural setting. LEARN MORE

Thacher Park Center: A Gateway For The Future

With new recreational features being added to the park, the timing for a new Thacher Park Center is perfect. The center, to be set next to the trailhead and picnic area for the popular Indian Ladder Trail, will introduce visitors to new park features, including an expanded trail network; and new opportunities for biking, rock climbing, caving and an exciting new adventure course. Along with the new activities, Thacher Park Center will elevate the park’s stature, providing a four-season interior space and fostering generations of outdoor enthusiasts and environmental caretakers.

Share Your memories Of Thacher Park

A nature adventure with family and friends. A school trip with your favorite class. Time together, priceless. Those are among the memories of Thacher Park that visitors have shared. So add to our treasure-trove if you have memories you would like to share.

Campaign for Thacher Park Center Offers Last-Minute Holiday Gift Options

Brick Pavers, Stone Benches or Tree Sponsorship Opportunities Offered to Support Thacher Park Center The Campaign for the Thacher Park Center is offering last-minute holiday gift ideas for those looking to memorialize family celebrations and memories at the popular Capital District park. The fundraising campaign, led by the Open Space Institute (OSI), is offering these


Successful Thacher Park Center Fundraiser

Supporters of John Boyd Thacher State Park gathered at the home of Jeff Thomas in East Berne on November 3 to raise funds for the new Thacher Park Center. Mr. Thomas, whose home abuts the park, has been a generous supporter of the new park centerpiece, which is expected to open this winter. The much-anticipated